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December 27, 2009

The New Junkie Gaming Experience. I will alert you guys once the site is finished. In the meantime add me on Xbox Live. GT is Vxnilater


Unreal Tournament 3 Review

June 25, 2009

     This game has me a bit surprised at how unreal it score is. I thought it would score a bit better, but I realized this games core feature is the multiplayer. Although it has a fine multiplayer, I feel a lot more could have been done to make this game a better overall game. So here we have the review of Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360.


     Gameplay – This game relies way too much on its multiplayer to give out a gameplay value. It has about a 3 hours of fun then I put it down. I enjoyed the singleplayer, but it gave me too much of what the multiplayer gave me. If you are looking for a very challenging game then you probably should head out and rent it, but even if you enjoy challenges it should get fairly boring in about 2 days of play. The gameplay rating I give it is 2/5.


     Graphics – The graphics are quite decent for a game that relies on multiplayer for gameplay. I know the Xbox 360 supports much more powerful graphics. I suspect they couldn’t up the graphics too much due to the fast-paced multiplayer action in this game. I can feel some sympathy for them, but they could have taken steps to upgrade the graphics. Unreal tournament 3 gets 3 character models out of 5. 3/5.


     Soundtrack – This has a soundtrack, but the intense action doesn’t really allow you to give a listen to it. I barley noticed it behind the blasting of guns. A better, louder, more dramatic soundtrack would solve this problem. It has intense action with no intense music which is a necessity to make the players more clinging onto the action. I strongly feel the soundtrack could have been better improved. I give this game only 1 out of 5 songs for the soundtrack. 1/5.


     Overall score for Unreal Tournament 3 – 2/5.

     Cash value for Unreal Tournament 3 for Xbox 360 – 20$ or less 

                                                                                                                                         Thanks for reading,

                                                                                                                                                                  Junkie Gamer

A Few Updates for those still following Junkie Gaming

June 24, 2009

I’m sorry I have been very out of the mood to blog lately but I have also been trying to find a server for Junkie gaming to become a overall better site. I am planning to add some live chat to JG EXT (External Junkie gaming [links on the sidebar]) I have also bought a few more games that I will have reviews for. I have decided to reintroduce a better junkie gaming tomorow and I am starting it off with the review of Unreal Tournament 3. Also be sure to join JGN (we are lacking members)!

Thanks and watch for tomorows post,

Junkie Gamer

JGN Launch

May 27, 2009

     Hello Junkie Gamer Fans! I have launched the first official Junkie Gaming Clan for gamers. This gaming clan is non competitive and was made so that people can join and play together to meet others. I can’t mention much so if you want to know more go check out the page I made for it. I will start scheduling play dates for the clan so hurry up and sign up before you miss some. The very first play date will be in two weeks or so because my Xbox 360 is broken and I have to send it in to be fixed. While my 360 is down I may not be very active on here until I get it fixed. I will update the JGN page with the dates of the play date and with what game we probably will be playing.


                                                             Thanks for listening,

                                                                                     Junkie Gamer

Gamers Vs. Junkie Gamer

May 6, 2009

     Hello Junkie Gaming Fans! I am so sorry I have not been posting in a good long time the reason being I have just received a Xbox Live Gold membership. I have been taking up ranks in Halo 3. Since all of you probably want my Xbox Live Gamertag I have decided I am announcing a weekend to game with me. This shall be this coming weekend I believe that should be May 8th till the 9th however, I am not giving out my Gamertag. If you want to play some Halo 3, GTA 4 and so forth with me you will have to follow these steps.

1. E-mail me at Include a little bit about your self and make sure to include your Gamertag.

2. I will check my E-mail Friday at 3:00 PM EST. If your message is not present by then I am sorry to say I won’t be checking it the rest of the weekend.

3. I will then send you a friend request. Make sure you read the text (My Gamertag is not Junkie Gamer).  The text should say that it is Junkie Gamer. I will most likely be on most of the weekend unless something comes up.

4. Enjoy your time. I will answer any questions you may have and I will be able to give game recommendations. 


     Thanks for listening,

                                   Junkie Gamer

Tom Clancy’s Endwar: Demo

May 6, 2009

Hey all,

I just finished the demo for Tom Clancy’s November 2008 Endwar game. Three times. This game is awesome.

My first experience with voice commands in videogames was Socom 2. That went something like this:

Team… Move to… Waypoint… Alpha”

That’s all fine and good until you’re trying to get your team mates to flank the 12-man squad that is raining deathpills on you. The world was just not ready for voice recognition with the earlier consoles. Downloading this demo, I was apprehensive because since that less-than-enjoyable experience, I haven’t had anything that works better.


This game is groundbreaking. As I started up the demo, I used the controller to choose which 3 types of squad I wanted to start off with. When it spawned me in the field, I was clueless until I held down the R2 button. Up pops a menu completely controllable by voice commands. So, wearing my headset, I issue a command.

Unit… 1… Move to… Foxtrot.” Alright. That worked fine, as I thought it would. Then I wanted to test it out a bit. I gave my next command as if I would in daily conversation. Done. The game picked up my speech as well as a loving mother, and the destruction that ensued as awesome. Throughout the course of the demo, there would be points of hesitation or stress. It even picked up those commands.

Unit-one-attack………..Hostile-three,” all fired off in rapid succession with a long pause in the middle. Fifteen seconds later, hostile three was no more. I was constantly impressed. The gameplay itself was pretty simple, though I would hope they would vary the mission style in the full version of the game. There are a set number of vital points and the team which controls the most of them wins. Simple enough. The catch is that you can only send in foot soldiers to secure a point. A coordinated attack, using helicopters, artillery, tanks, and Armored Personell Carriers is required, and it makes the game incredibly fast-paced while pushing your multi-tasking skills to the limit. This game is incredibly cool, and I will definitely be buying the full version when sixty dollars finds its way into my pocket.

Quick Review of Avalon Code for DS

April 19, 2009

     This game was a surprise for me. I got it thinking it won’t be much of a game, and yet I was wrong. It shows that portable games are just as good as non-portable ones. This RPG for DS is an amazing experience to be part of. Well I am not going to keep you waiting. Here is the review:



     This game has a unique gameplay giving you a lot of control of your surroundings. The double sword fighting and intense real-time battling keeps you on your edge while you follow the storyline. This category tops a 5/5.



     The music accurately fits every moment of this game as you play it. It fills your ears with the right moods for the right event. With deadly accuracy this category hits a 5/5.



     The graphics display stunning moves and amazing details. The DS certainly puts a good effort toward graphics with this game. A full blown display is put into your hands with this amazing game. I feel it could have been improved, but this category displays well enough to earn a 3/5.


     Over all this game is wonderful. If you like RPG games I would recommend spending 35$ for this game because this game gets a 4/5. 


                                                                            Junkie Gamer